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Welcome to Walker Auto Stores
2105 E Hwy 54 Suite K Triangle, Durham, NC


If you spend any amount of time working on cars, you’ll soon find out that there’s a right place and a wrong place to get your auto parts. When you go to the right auto parts store, you’ll get the parts and advice you need from courteous people that know car parts like the back of their hands. That’s Walker Auto Stores. Our professional staff won’t just help you find the right parts at great prices, we’ll also give you the advice you need to get your vehicle back on the road. So, what’s the wrong auto store to go to? Well ... let’s just say you won’t find the yellow and blue NAPA shield on their buildings.

Walker Auto Stores has 23 convenient locations, a machine shop, and professional service – all here for you. Stop by Walker Auto Stores and see why we’re the Auto Parts Professionals.


2105 E Hwy 54 Suite K Triangle
DurhamNC 27713
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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sun: Closed

Phone Number

Tel: (919) 281 - 0055
Fax: (919) 544 - 0360
Over 80 Years of Machine Shop Experience

If you need new valve guides or your entire engine completely machined, there’s only one place to go. Walker Auto Stores has over 80 years of machine shop experience. From estimates to engine rebuilding, our staff will help you every step of the way. Not sure what work needs to be done? We’ll advise you to make sure that your engine parts are repaired correctly, with the highest-quality workmanship – guaranteed. We stand behind our work, and that’s just one of the many reasons we’re able to provide the best machine shop services in North Carolina. So, the next time you need head work, crankshaft work, engine balancing, or any other machine shop service, contact Walker Auto Stores.

  • Head Work
  • Block Work
  • Outboard Block Work
  • Crankshaft Work
  • Engine Balancing
  • Engine Rebuilding
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