Airaid Cold Air Intake System

  • Regular Price: $220.49 - $1,175.99
  • Our Price: $149.99 - $799.99
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  • Unrestricted airflow means enormous horsepower and torque upgrades, and uncompromising performance
  • Designed specifically for your vehicle's make, model, and year
  • Quickly and easily installs in under 30 minutes using common household tools
  • Optional crosslink nylon intake tub
  • Reusable air filters are included on all kits; either SynthaMax (dry) or SynthaFlow (oiled)
  • Street legal in 49 states (excludes California)
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Just like you, the performance of your vehicle depends on the availability of oxygen. Let's face it, we'd all be pretty useless if we weren't able to bring air into our lungs, and your engine would be nothing more than a cold metal behemoth sitting in your driveway. The more air you give your engine, the better it runs. The Airaid Cold Air Intake System can help with that. Airaid's system is tailored to your specific vehicle and provides significantly greater airflow than the original intake. With up to 20% greater airflow, you can get up to 20 more horsepower, 20 lbs. of torque, and possibly even better gas mileage.

You can choose an intake with Airaid's mandrel-formed crosslink nylon intake tube depending on your vehicle. The interior and exterior of this tube have been carefully powder-coated to provide long-lasting protection against water damage and corrosion, as well as optimal airflow and a slick, finished appearance. All Airaid Intake Systems come with Airaid's unique high-flow filter, which is available in either oiled SynthaFlow or dry SynthaMax configurations. Each filter can be washed and reused, so it'll easily last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Your Airaid Cold Air Intake System can be installed in as little as half an hour. No cutting, drilling, or adjustments are required, and you'll be able to use common tools, so no last-minute trips to buy some specialized tool! Please note: The Magnuson Moss Guarantee Act: US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301 - 2312 ensures that your vehicle's manufacturer warranty is protected by law, even after aftermarket parts are installed. Your high-flow Cold Air Intake System comes with a Lifetime Warranty from Airaid.