AlphaTherm Windshield Washer Heater LV-HB55

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  • Clear off your windshield quickly and easily with the AlphaTherm Windshield Washer Heater
  • Heating element requires less washer fluid to be more effective, which is better for the environment, improves your view of the road and saves you money
  • Heats windshield fluid to 125-135 degrees to loosen ice, snow, dead bugs, wet dirt and accumulated dust
  • Install beside the fluid reservoir without changing how you operate the spray feature Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

Are stuck-on bugs from long car trips getting in the way of your pretty view? Is clearing thick ice and snow from your windshield making you late for work? Is that caked-on mud from last weekend’s off-roading adventure not rinsing away? Try the AlphaTherm Windshield Washer Heater.

The AlphaTherm Washer Heater raises the temperature of your windshield fluid to as high as 135 degrees. By spraying your shield with warm liquid, your vehicle glass will get a deep, thorough cleaning just by using your existing spray nozzle and wipers.

This aftermarket automotive accessory connects to your vehicle’s electrical system and windshield wiper mechanisms. NAPA is proud to offer the AlphaTherm Windshield Washer Heater with a 1-Year Warranty.