Chevy Celebrity Performance Brakes, Pads, Rotors, and Caliper Covers

About Brakes

You've been craving the feeling of total control, and the only thing that will get you there is quality performance brakes. Take a look at NAPA Online's top of the line selection to find Chevy Celebrity performance brakes with drilled and ventilated rotors - they'll give you the control and responsiveness you're after. And why not add some steel brake lines for a firmer brake pedal feel? Get creative with your ride's look by customizing it with brake caliper covers available in different finishes. Our easy to use vehicle selector lets you quickly locate the perfect set of Chevy Celebrity performance brakes so that, whether you're on the roads or on the track, you can achieve peak control. Come on over to NAPA Online and get quality performance brakes that won't go unnoticed!