Dodge Journey Performance Brakes, Pads, Rotors, and Caliper Covers

About Brakes

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive - be it a Dodge Journey or any other type of car - if you're looking to upgrade your braking performance, NAPA Online is the perfect place to find the right parts. We stock an unbeatable selection of performance brakes that are guaranteed to reduce your stopping distance, as well as decrease any dust or noise coming from your brakes. To make topping up all the items needed for a complete brake cozier, we offer pre-packaged brake kits which include everything you need for handling overhaul. For something more aesthetic and eye-catching, our Dodge Journey brake caliper covers provide an attractive way to cover up dirty brakes. Plus, with our vehicle selector widget on our website, you can select the exact year of your Dodge Journey to be sure you only order compatible brakes for your car - so there's no room for confusion!