Hummer H1 Performance Brakes, Pads, Rotors, and Caliper Covers

About Brakes

With NAPA Online, you have access to the very best in performance brakes for your Hummer H1. Our unbeatable brakes are designed to optimize your vehicle's stopping power by reducing the stopping distance and cutting down on any dust or noise from the brakes. And if you're looking for a total handling overhaul, our complete brake kits include everything you need for installation - all in one easy package. Furthermore, if you just want some stylish flair going on under the hood, our brake caliper covers easily attach to your Hummer H1 brakes and give them an attractive look while concealing any dirt build-up. To ensure that you order exactly what will fit your car model, we've even included a vehicle selector widget right on our website - that way there's no confusion and you get only what you need!