Canine Covers Travel Safe Dog Harness

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Product Details

  • Improve the safety of your canine passenger with the Canine Covers Travel Safe Dog Harness
  • Made to handle intense force and pull for enhanced safety
  • Meets all SAE qualifications for automotive seatbelts
  • Select from a Pink or Blue color
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Patented design
  • Supported by a 90-Day Warranty

Your canine sidekick is always eager to hop in your ride and tag along wherever you go. Whether you're getting back from the beach, going to the dog park or taking a road trip, your dog benefits from a seatbelt, just like you do. With the Canine Covers Travel Safe Dog Harness, your furry friend gets that extra protection on the way to your next adventure!

This patented dog harness meets all SAE qualifications, ensuring a certified level of safety that isn't easily attained. It's made to handle the twists and turns of the road as well as your anxious pup's movement, keeping them in a comfortable place for the duration of your ride. The harness is centered evenly on your dog's chest, ensuring their neck is never pulled. No matter if you've got a Chihuahua or Great Dane, this harness comes in multiple sizes and a choice of Pink or Blue for your preferred look and fit.

Give your best friend the protection they deserve. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Canine Covers Travel Safe Dog Harness with a 90-Day Warranty.