Derale Dual High Output Electric Radiator Fan

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Product Details

  • The Derale Dual High Output Electric Radiator Fan gets twice the cool air to your engine bay
  • Twin 265-watt 2-speed motors provide massive quantities of air
  • Stays quiet thanks to skewered blade design
  • Advanced symmetrical form
  • Aircraft-quality finish of the aluminum shroud can be anodized, polished, or custom-painted
  • Five sizes to choose from
  • Puller design for better airflow over pusher design
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

For optimal performance and power, your engine needs double the airflow. The Derale Dual High Output RAD Fan replaces your weak, under-performing belt-driven fan with a pair of 2-speed 265-watt motors. It's engineered to provide high-static-pressure performance while barely making any noise.

The secret to the whisper-quiet noise output is that Derale Dual High Output Radiator Fan has a technologically advanced noise-reducing skewed blade design. Its aluminum shroud has a high-quality surface that you may polish, anodize, or paint to give it a completely unique look. It is designed for engine-side "puller" applications and comes in five sizes to suit your engine bay.

The Derale Dual High Output RAD Fan doubles up on cooling performance so it can boost your engine's power and output. A one-year warranty is included.