DK2 Plows 10,000 lbs. Warrior NH Series Hydraulic Winch 10000NH

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  • Premium-grade strength and towing power are yours with the DK2 Warrior NH Series Hydraulic Winch
  • Durable construction is perfect for either commercial or industrial applications
  • Incorporated internal brake for optimal load retention
  • Hydraulic motors perform across the range of load capacities
  • Low-profile housing features patented Steel gearing system
  • Choose from 10,000- or 15,000-pound capacity 
  • Comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty

The weight capacity of a winch should be one of the first things you take into consideration when buying one. For some, 5,000 pounds of pulling will be more than enough for their needs, but for others, that's just child's play! The DK2 Warrior NH Series Hydraulic Winch is the answer if you know you need a lot more power than just a winch.

Your DK2 Warrior NH Series Hydraulic Winch, designed for commercial and industrial applications, can tow anywhere from an incredible 10,000 pounds all the way to a whopping or even 15,000 pounds, depending on the type. A strong, high-torque hydraulic motor that you can rely on at any load range enables this powerful, beastly winch. The superior integrated internal braking mechanism will maintain a firm grip on your cargo for however long you require. Stainless Steel roller fairleads and fittings are standard, and a proprietary steel gearing system keeps everything working smoothly.

The best part about this winch is that, despite the intimidating strength it provides, it comes in a compact, low-profile housing. While the 15,000-pound Warrior comes with an 87-foot cable and a 3/8-inch hook, the 10,000-pound model comes with an 85-foot cable with a 5/16-inch hook. Whichever you choose, a 1-Year Limited Warranty covers your purchase.