Duracell Powerpack Pro DR300PWR

  • Our Price: $229.99
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING
  • Part Number: DR300PWR
  • Store SKU: AAGAG0708500001
  • UPC: 609525760484
  • Peak Amp: 1100 Peak Amps

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  • Juice up your power units wherever you are thanks to the Duracell Powerpack Pro
  • Compatible with cars, trucks or SUVs with up to eight cylinders and a peak starting current of up to 1300 am
  • Comes with incorporated 160 PSI air compressor for tire and gear inflation
  • Two AC outlets or USB ports make charging electrical accessories easy
  • Comes with luminescent LED utility lamp
  • Supported by a 2-Year Warranty

Don't let the buzzkill of a dead battery or flat tire ruin your afternoon. With the Duracell Powerpack Pro, you'll harness impressive starting power for just about anything – dead electronics, dead batteries and more. Gone are the days where you'd have to rely on a good Samaritan to jump start your vehicle. The Duracell Powerpack Pro puts the power back in your hands!

With a lithium-ion battery and the capacity to take on any eight-cylinder engine with up to 1300 peak amps, your Duracell Powerpack Pro is a tiny beast. Small enough to fit in your glove box but intense enough to jumpstart your own vehicle, this power-charging unit is a game-changer for those who want to stay prepared for the inevitable: dead batteries. The Powerpack Pro features two USB ports or two, three-pronged AC outlets, and an incorporated air compressor (160 PSI), making it a versatile and valuable tool to have on the road. Pump up deflating tires, air beds and water tubes, or juice up your phone and computer – you can do it all! You can even charge at night thanks to the built-in LED utility light. You'll never fumble over a dead battery again.

Don't get stranded without power! Make those road trips stress-free with the Duracell Powerpack Pro! Supported by a 2-Year Warranty.