Edge Insight Pro CS2 Monitor

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Product Details

  • Keep an eye on your engine performance from the cockpit of your car with Edge Insight Pro CS2 Monitor
  • Thanks to copious memory, you can set up and store customized tuning programs for your car, truck, or SUV
  • Features full-color 2.4-inch high-resolution monitor with 6 button control interface
  • Sleek, compact, eye-catching design and saves space
  • Supports HP Tuners Custom Tuning Software (sold separately)
  • Your vehicle's OBD-II data is fully accessible, whether gas or diesel
  • A 1-Year Warranty is included

A laundry list of upgrades, bells and whistles isn't going to do anything for the performance of your van, truck, or SUV. While they might be helpful and certainly look cool, the ultimate solution to getting the best out of your ride is knowing what's going on under the hood. With the Edge Insight Pro CS2 Monitor, you can become the boss of your engine block with moment-to-moment updates on an easily accessible screen.

Your Edge Insight Pro CS2 Monitor can store and program custom tunes from HP Tuners Custom Tuning Software using data directly from your OBD-II connection, giving you the power to make the finest tweaks and modifications available. The control panel features six buttons and a 2.4" high resolution color screen, making it as simple to operate as it is to read. Best of all, the background of these gauges can be totally customized, allowing you to tailor your device to match or contrast the interior or exterior of your ride.

This monitor boasts a compact, sophisticated construction that makes it look beautiful while saving space in your cockpit. Power is supplied by a straightforward HDMI-style port that is also compatible with other accessories, allowing you to receive software updates to ensure you're constantly up to date. Comes with a 1-Year Warranty.