Flowmaster dBX Exhaust System

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Product Details

  • The Flowmaster dBX Exhaust System is ideal for improved sound and performance in your Sport, Euro or Imported vehicle, and includes pipes, muffler and rolled tips
  • The patented Laminar Flow muffler reduces backpressure, produces a deep tone and accelerates superbly
  • Depending on the vehicle, cat-back and axle-back systems are offered
  • Pipes come shorter to accommodate tiny automobiles better
  • Increased horsepower and torque with dyno tuning
  • Engineered using 304 Stainless Steel casings
  • Specifically made to suit you perfectly
  • Straightforward bolt-on installation
  • Polished surface for a sleek look
  • Protected with a Lifetime Warranty

Finding a satisfying exhaust tone for your smaller-sized sports vehicle might be challenging. It was difficult until the Flowmaster dBX Exhaust System took care of everything. These specially designed systems provide an amazing performance increase and a really fantastic exhaust sound. 

The Flowmaster System simply offers more, including rolled exhaust tips, robust 304 Stainless Steel casings and a stunning, long-lasting Polished finish. With a simple bolt-on installation, your smaller Sport or Import will sound and feel so much better in ways previously inaccessible, this additional helping of muscle goes a long way towards being noticed on the road.

For too long, you and your vehicle have made do with less, but those times are now behind you. Thanks to the system, you may now have the tone and power you've always desired. NAPA proudly sells the Flowmaster dBX Exhaust System protected with a Lifetime Warranty.