Generac XG Series Portable Generator

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Product Details

  • The Generac XG Series Portable Generator is the solution to all of your versatile power needs
  • Easy-to-read control panel has power bar, start/stop fuel shut-off and choke commands
  • Built with a toughened steel tube cradle, durable cornering and a comprehensive frame
  • Comes with generator-specific OHVI engine for powerful performance
  • Starts can be electric or manual (electric starts are powered by the included battery charge jack)
  • Turns off your engine if you have insufficient oil levels
  • Concealed outlets offer enhanced safety
  • Select your ideal start/run wattage
  • Comes with a GFCI circuit breaker

There's no better garage staple than a reliable (and portable) generator. Outdoor events, storm outages, and on-the-job power needs have never been simpler thanks to the Generac XG Series Portable Generator. Equipping yourself with one of these machines will ensure you get unmatched power capacity from a specialized engine that excels in performance, safety and versatility, whenever and wherever you need it.

With its toughened steel tube cradle, all-embracing frame tube and force-resistant cornering, this generator is made to handle intense power needs at your whim. The featured OHVI engine is engineered for peak power performance, and can significantly outlast competitor generators' battery life. For outdoor use, the concealed outlets will protect your power source from wildlife, debris and other dangerous variables. And for extra safety precautions, it'll even turn off if you're too low on oil, so you don't threaten engine or electrical failure. The control panel is intuitive with an easy display featuring choke commands, start/stop fuel shut-off, an hour meter track time, a power bar and wattage use. Choose the right generator for you by selecting from a wide range of wattages and electric vs manual starts, and enjoy long-lasting power.

You're just one step away from having unmatched power wherever you go. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Generac XG Series Portable Generator.