Gladiator SafetyWeb Cargo Net XSW-100

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  • Part Number: XSW-100
  • Store SKU: AAGGLXSW100
  • UPC: 856611000041
  • Size: Extra Large
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  • Contain your truck’s overflowing cargo with the Gladiator SafetyWeb Cargo Net
  • Choose from four length options: 5-feet, 6-feet, 8-feet and 10-feet
  • Comes with all necessary installation hardware and storage bag
  • Half-inch webbing has a rating of 1,2000 pounds per inch
  • Made for non-commercial uses (home and recreational)
  • Anti-rip mesh net rated to 278 pounds per inch
  • Features a variety of anchor spots
  • Ideal for substantial payloads
  • Triple-fortified net edges
  • Supported by a 1-Year Warranty

There are plenty of cargo nets designed for commercial use, but what about the trucks that need some extra support carrying your home and recreational gear and equipment? That's where the Gladiator SafetyWeb Cargo Net comes in handy!

Designed with the same high quality as its commercial counterpart, this cargo net can help you haul anything from large appliances to ATVs to piles of construction materials! It comes with half-inch webbing rated to 1,200 pounds per inch while the anti-rip mesh material is rated to 278 pounds per inch, giving your overall net a rating of 1,200 pounds. These working weight limits along with edges that have been reinforced three times give your net plenty of strength for any at-home cargo loads. With four different size options and multiple anchoring points, you can achieve the perfect length, positioning and tightness for your cargo needs!

NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Gladiator SafetyWeb Cargo Net. Supported by a 1-Year Warranty.