Intro-Tech American Flag Sun Shade

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Product Details

  • The Intro-Tech American Flag Sun Shade keeps your vehicle cool while displaying the iconic insignia of the country you love
  • Keeps your interior cool - lowers cabin temperature by up to 40 degrees
  • Safeguards your dash from UV damage, fading, and cracking
  • Specifically crafted to fit the make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • Velcro straps allow for easy roll-up and storage
  • Insulated multi-layer core and velour binding
  • A Lifetime Warranty is included

There's nothing like a sunny summer season in the United States of America! Every year we hope the fun days full of barbecues, fireworks, and lazy sunbathing will, somehow, never end. Summer has its downsides too, and one of those is that those same sunny days turn your vehicle's interior into a rolling rotisserie oven. With the Intro-Tech American Flag Sun Shade, you can show off your patriotism while keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable.

Your Intro-Tech American Flag Sun Shade's ultra-insulated multi-layer core blocks out every ray of harsh sunlight and ultra-violet radiation, keeping your interior up to 40 degrees cooler. A reflective metallic outer layer reflects all of the hot summer rays back to the source, leaving your ride unaffected. A cooler ride is not only a better scenario for your skin, but your sunshade also keeps the sun's harmful UV rays off your dashboard, leather seats, steering wheel, and therefore prevents surfaces from cracking, fading, and deteriorating.

This sun shield is custom-built and sized to match your specific make and model for optimal coverage and ease of installation. When not in use, a simple Velcro strap allows you to fold up the cover and store it out of the way. A Lifetime Warranty is included with this sun screen.