Iron Cross Bumper

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Product Details

  • Maximize your vehicle's front-end protection and personality with an American-made Iron Cross Bumper
  • Domed spaces for basic 4-inch lights that can be enhanced with an Iron Cross LED Bumper Light Kit
  • Includes conventional winch mount and reduces suspension strain with lightweight bumpers
  • Haul cargo with the rear bumper tow hook feature featuring inner and outer double welding
  • Choose from a Glossy Black Finish or Primer Only Coat based on your model
  • Made to fit a variety of vehicles with exact CNC laser-cut technology
  • Grille guard wraps around front bumper to fend off impact
  • Get a 2-inch bull bar with the push bar for a gnarly look
  • CNC laser cut gives your vehicle an exact fit

Your vehicle's bumper takes the brunt of a lot, even if you haven't been in any crashes. Over time, your bumper's structural integrity may lessen, leaving you and your ride vulnerable to impact force. There's no better way to replace your factory bumper than with an American-made Iron Cross Bumper. Lean, mean, and made with all-American resources, the Iron Cross Bumper is a badge of honor that's a nod to the places you've been and the places you'll go.

Whether it's a front or rear bumper, a grille guard bumper, or a front push bar bumper, you can choose the model that suits you. The classic front bumper will automatically elevate a vehicle's front-end personality while a twice-welded rear bumper boasts a tow hook mount for extra strength. If you need a little something extra, invest in a full grille-guarded front bumper for maximum protection. And with the grille guard bumper, get a 2-inch bull bar to further enhance grille coverage.

Iron Cross knows quality. Rest assured knowing your bumper is consistent in durable construction, regardless of which model you choose. All bumpers are lightweight to prevent suspension strain and are precisely cut using CNC laser technology. Every Iron Cross bumper comes with a winch mount and can be coated in a classic textured Glossy Black finish or a Primer Only coat for future customization. Front bumper options feature concaved pockets to accommodate 4-inch lights.

Every Iron Cross bumper is custom-made to fit your exact make and model. Take your American machine to the next level with a bumper that's made to last.