KC Hilites C-Series LED Light Bar

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Product Details

  • The KC Hilites C-Series LED Light Bar combines premium quality and value
  • Designed with a 12° Spot Light and 30° Spread reflectors
  • Sizes range from 6 inches to 50 inches
  • Voltage ranges from 12 Volts to 23 Volts
  • Choose your preferred color: 6000K Clear and Amber
  • Wiring harness, 2-pin weather-resistant connectors, and die-cast mounting brackets are included
  • A 23-Year Warranty is included

Installing a remarkably brilliant light source can be the difference between a useless front end and a very useful one. Shine a light on your path everywhere you go when you add a KC Hilites C-Series LED Light Bar to your hood, front bumper, or grille, and enjoy a fully illuminated path, while staying visible to others. Don't be fooled by the competitive price point; this light bar is bursting with all the features and functionality you'll need.

This light bar is designed to deliver up to 27,000 lumens and comes in an IP67 rated extruded Aluminum chassis with Aluminum core PCBs with thermal management and Polycarbonate Lexan lenses. With a 12° Spot Light and 30° Spread Reflectors, the combination beam provides a wide coverage area. Uniquely powerful illumination is provided by both forward and peripheral light.

The KC Hilites C-Series LED Light Bar comes in six different sizes: 6 inch, 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch, and 50 inch. Each size comes in a striking 6000K color temperature Clear, and an Amber option is available in select sizes. This bar has been rigorously tested for off-road and race purposes, and it is weather and dust resistant. Your purchase comes with a 23-Year Warranty.