KC Hilites Flex LED Lights

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Product Details

  • With KC Hilites Flex LED Lights, you get customizable lights that illuminate the road ahead and upgrades your vehicle's aesthetic
  • Features IP68-rated die-cast Aluminum housing and premium polycarbonate lenses
  • Choose between three configurations: single, dual, and quad
  • Gold bezel rings are provided or select separate bezel rings in blue, red, or black
  • U-bracket and wiring harness are included
  • Comes with a 23-Year Warranty

It seems like it's easier than ever to find aftermarket lighting for your truck or SUV these days. However, it's good to know what you're looking for since cheap knockoff LED light kits are a common problem. If you want to ensure you invest in a kit that not only looks great, but also works great and is built to last, you want to start with a system that was built for heavy-duty uses like racing. The patented modular design of the KC Hilites Flex LED Lights has it all.

Your KC Hilites Flex LED Lights are IP68 rated and available in three different configurations: single, dual, or quad. Single and Dual lights offer focused, forward-facing spotlight illumination or a roadside and peripheral lighting spread pattern; the Quad set offers two of each for the best of both worlds. Each LED light comes to you enclosed in robust die-cast aluminum with premium, hard-coated polycarbonate lenses, regardless of configuration.

Each system features modular, stackable structure that allows you to connect them in any number of ways to create your own unique setup.These LED light systems feature Gold bezel rings, but you can swap them for Blue, Red, or Black. The complete wire harness is included, as well as a U-bracket for easy and varied mounting. Your purchase is backed by a 23-Year Warranty.