Luverne MegaStep Hitch Step 575226-570000

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  • Part Number: 575226-570000
  • Store SKU: AAGAG0619600001
  • UPC: 040236414646

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  • Quickly reach your vehicle's bed with the handy Luverne MegaStep Hitch Step
  • Lightweight yet durable extruded aluminum core and stainless steel exterior
  • Six inches wide with a 5-inch wide rubberized step
  • Compatible with all 2-inch square receivers
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Supported by a Lifetime Warranty

Stop overextending yourself just to reach your truck or SUV's bed. Ditch the tire balancing act for a real step that'll give you an extra lift when you need it. Get upgrades in both style and functionality with the Luverne MegaStep Hitch Step!

It's American craftsmanship at its finest. Although made with a durable stainless steel outer shell and extruded aluminum core, this Hitch Step doesn't feel heavy. It's light in weight and offers a wide, 5-inch rubber step pad that offers reliable grip, even in the rain or snow. It's total width is 6.5 inches while it's total length is 26 inches, giving you ample room to hop on and reach your bed with ease. Installation is also a breeze because this Hitch Step is compatible with any 2-inch square hitch receiver.

Add aftermarket flair that serves a purpose when you get the Luverne MegaStep Hitch Step! Manufactured in the U.S. and supported by a Lifetime Warranty.