Maxim OE Spec Ceramic Brake Kit

6688 CMf
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Product Details

  • Ditch the factory brakes and upgrade your performance with the trusted Maxim OE Spec Ceramic Brake Kit
  • Comes with high-quality rotors and Maxi-Quiet Ceramic Disc Brake Pads
  • Precision-balanced for a smooth and stable performance
  • Durable rotors and pads minimize vibrations and volume
  • Meets QS-9000/ISO-9002 and TUV qualifications
  • Supported by a 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty

Brake pads and rotors need routine maintenance once they hit a certain mileage point or you'll risk potential brake failure, which can easily lead to an accident. Once you know it's time to change your braking system, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options on the market. But if you're just doing the daily grind and not hitting the tracks, the Maxim OE Spec Ceramic Brake Kit is a trusted and reliable solution that fits your needs!

Your full brake assembly comes with flush, Premium Quality Rotors that are OE 15-80 RMS-specified. These specialized rotors minimize brake volume and lengthen the longevity of your Maxi-Quiet Ceramic Disc Brake Pads. Your new brake kit offers a quieter brake system replacement along with enduring performance which makes it perfect for the everyday rider. Everything is made to comply with your OE specifications, so you can confidently assemble or disassemble from the comfort of your garage.

Machined to a non-directional and ultra-smooth polish, your brake system needs no further machining to get things up and running! Quickly install and enjoy long-lasting brakes for years to come. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Maxim OE Spec Ceramic Brake Kit with a 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty.