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  • Protect your MAXTRAX Winch Rope by fastening its loop to the Fairlead of your vehicle using the MAXTRAX Winch Widget
  • Maintains the security and integrity of your winch rope during downtime
  • Component magnetically adheres directly to your Steel bumper
  • Within reach and quickly available for use anytime it's required
  • Supported with a 2-Year Warranty

With the revolutionary MAXTRAX Winch Widget, you can provide your MAXTRAX Winch Rope with the highest level of protection possible. This innovative add-on has been designed specifically for the purpose of protecting your winch rope by safely attaching its loop to the Fairlead of your vehicle while the winch is not in use.

With the MAXTRAX Widget, you can have peace of mind knowing that your winch rope will be safeguarded and preserved even when the winch is not in use. Because it has magnetic qualities, this gizmo may be attached to your Steel front bumper in a practical manner, making it simple to access and guaranteeing that it is always within reach in the event that you need it.

Put your worries regarding the stability and safety of your winch rope to rest once and for all. Incorporate the MAXTRAX Winch Widget into your off-road toolkit so that you may take advantage of its dependable performance and user-friendly design. NAPA proudly sells the MAXTRAX Winch Widget, protected by a 2-Year Warranty.