MODA Camo Micro Suede Seat Covers

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Product Details

  • Get a covert and comfortable upgrade to your vehicle's interior with MODA Camo Micro Suede Seat Covers
  • Resists staining, fading, and wearing thanks to a patented finish
  • Features colorful camouflage on premium micro suede
  • Flame-resistant Neotex base is flexible and long-lasting
  • Choose from a variety of camo patterns: AP, Break Up, Max-5, and Shadow Grass Blades
  • Converts your interior to a camouflage paradise in 30 minutes or less
  • A 1-Year Limited Warranty is included

So-called 'universal' seat covers won't cut it when it comes to improving the aesthetic of your interior - without precise measurements and quality materials, it can appear that you've covered your seats with saggy garbage bags. Custom-cut coverings are the only way to get a perfect fit. MODA Camo Micro Suede Seat Covers are the ideal solution when you want comfy covers that look and fit great and also show off your particular style.

Your MODA Camo Micro Suede Seat Covers are the perfect upgrade for your interior; your vehicle will feel great and stay clean, and with the high-quality camouflage pattern, you can maintain your outdoor enthusiasm. They're also extremely sturdy and comfortable thanks to the high-quality micro-suede material. The flexible, stretchable Neotex base allows them to wrap around your seats like a second skin - in fact, they're sometimes mistaken for full reupholstery. In addition, the Neotex material is flame resistant and has undergone extensive testing for fading and wear.

Spilled coffee and cracker crumbs are no match for the proprietary coating that gives your seat covers maximum stain resistance. These covers install in just thirty minutes and deliver reupholstered results at a fraction of the cost and time. Take your pick from the variety of camouflage patterns Coverkng's MODA line offers: AP, Break Up, Max-5, and Shadow Grass Blades. The sophisticated black side panels complement any pattern you choose. Comes with a 1-Year Warranty on all products in the MODA line.