OTC Heavy Duty Scan Tool 3417

  • Our Price: $1591.12
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  • Part Number: 3417
  • Keep a close eye on your truck's complex computer system with the OTC HD Scan Tool
  • Includes an OTC scanner with integrated ScanMate Software and OBD II Cable
  • Easily view generic codes, pending codes and enhanced codes
  • Includes a manual with a 9 Pin Deutsch Cable and 6 Pin Deutsch Cable
  • Heavy Duty Code Readers come with a simple design for a more affordable choice
  • Displays on-screen explanations for common DTCs
  • Great for trucks ranging in class 4 through class 8
  • Includes complementary Nylon storage case
  • View and delete DTCs
  • Comes with a Limited 3-Year Warranty

Every driver needs a way to routinely examine the complex computer systems that power their rig. With the OTC HD Scan Tool, you can monitor and reliably diagnose the malfunctions in your vehicle's system to stay on top of any necessary maintenance.

For those who want to perform full-service scanning, opt for the Heavy Duty Code Scan Tool and get a proper status diagnosis in minutes. With the integrated OBD II Scan Tool, you can achieve full system coverage and access live data regarding your engine ECU temperature as well as the metrics for your acceleration pedal position. If you want a more affordable scan tool without compromising quality, then the OTC Code Reader is for you. Ideal for covering the essentials, you'll be able to inspect your vehicle and identify common system failures. The OTC Reader also includes Controller Area Network (CAN) capabilities for improved communication and gives you the ability to view and delete DTCs. Choose your preferred model and rest assured knowing your truck system's performance is in check.

Each model includes a 9 Pin Deutsch Cable, 6 Pin Deutsch Cable and a detailed manual for clear instruction on maximizing your OTC HD Scan Tool. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the OTC HD Scan Tool with a Limited 3-Year Warranty.