OTC OBD II Diagnostic Tool

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Product Details

  • Quickly access and easily remove Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) with the OTC OBD II Diagnostic Tool
  • Choose between the compact, mobile PocketScan OBD-II Diagnostic Tool or the comprehensive OTC OBD-II, CAN & ABS Diagnostic Tool with 15,000+ DTC definitions and 3,000+ common malfunction repairs
  • Perfect for DIY, at-home inspections on most OBD-II vehicles produced since 1996
  • Displayed readings include VIN #, MIL status and I/M monitors
  • Your kit includes a USB cable and instruction manual

Listen to the warning signs. Your sedan, hatchback, pick truck, minivan, SUV or crossover needs a checkup. Getting accurate, up-to-date readings from your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system is simple with the OTC OBD II Diagnostic Tool. Identify and solve issues resulting from a simple digital inspection or a comprehensive scan.

Two models are available to choose from. The PocketScan OBD-II Diagnostic Tool is designed for basic inspections by daily commuters who need an on-the-go option. The PocketScan displays important readings and freeze frame data with OBD II generic code definitions.

The OBD-II, CAN & ABS Diagnostic Tool displays live data, DTCs and ABS codes. It can complete O2 monitor tests and can receive updates via a USB port. This option is ideal for professional mechanics and performance enthusiasts, who want to leave the vehicle idling while being scanned by the OBD II Drive Cycle Mode.