ProRac Lo-Pro Tracks

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Product Details

  • Customize the setup of your roof rack system to pair with any ProRac crossbars and roof rack accessories by building the base with ProRac Lo-Pro Tracks
  • Keep drag to a minimum and clearance to a maximum with this low-profile design
  • Constructed from robust, anti-rust aluminum, and finished with an all-weather black powder coat
  • Choose from three distinct lengths to work on nearly any station wagon, minivan, crossover or SUV
  • Comes with two tracks, six sliding track tie-downs and mounting hardware (for both fiberglass and metal roofs)
  • Backed by a 3-Year / 36,000-Mile Warranty

Set the best foundation possible for our personalized roof rack system with the professional-level ProRac Lo-Pro Tracks. These tracks pair precisely with ProRac crossbars and various roof rack products. With a lightweight, low-profile design, your vehicle won’t be dragged down or forced to detour due to clearance.

The Lo-Pro tracks are fabricated from robust aluminum, and coated with a black powder finish. Choose from three diverse lengths for the perfect fitment to your make and model. This system incorporates crossbar anchors and adjustable tie-downs for complete security.

The included universal mounting hardware is safe to use on both fiberglass and metal vehicle roofs. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the ProRac Lo-Pro Tracks with a 3-Year / 36,000-Mile Warranty.