Prothane Coil Spring Lift Kit 6-1710

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Prothane 6-1710 fits the following vehicles:

  • 2004-2005 Ford F-150
  • 2003-2004 Ford Expedition
  • Upgrade your frail, spongy and in need of replacing, rubber suspension components and opt for the durably made Prothane Coil Spring Lift Kits
  • Sports upgraded handling and riding comfort
  • Greatly decreases suspension noise
  • Adds style to your suspension

If your factory rubber suspension parts are worn out or rotting, don't allow them to be compromised! The quality of handling your ride depends upon the auto parts you choose to upgrade, so choose the Prothane Coil Spring Lift Kits to level up your vehicle today.

Installing the Lift Kit, you'll immediately experience improved control and a more pleasant ride. Components made with prothane urethane reduce rattling and other suspension noise for a smoother ride. They were specifically created to have enough sturdiness for a comfortable ride while also having enough versatility for precise handling.

The benefits of a Coil Spring Lift Kit include an improved ability to take on tougher, heavier loads, less wear and tear on your suspension and tires, offers an equal weight distribution for a smoother ride and sports an aggressive look that is sure to set your ride apart. NAPA proudly sells the Prothane Coil Spring Lift Kits.