Race Ramps Trailer Side Kick RR-TR-SK-1

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  • Use Race Ramps Trailer Side Kicks for loading a vehicle into your trailer or for changing a trailer tire
  • Acts as a ramp to change a tire on your trailer
  • Can be used as a tapered guide when placed sideways behind your trailer's wheel wells
  • Keep your vehicle scrape and dent-free when driving into your trailer with the 36-inch spotter flag
  • Sturdy yet lightweight - holds up to 8,000 pounds while weighing only 8
  • The texturized surface resists slipping and won't damage garage floors
  • Does not sink on soft surfaces like grass, gravel, or sand
  • Portable, lightweight material never corrodes
  • Made with pride in the United States of America
  • For optimal safety, use with Race Ramps Wheel Chocks

Race Ramps Trailer Side Kicks are an innovative and convenient addition to your trailer equipment, and they can be used both inside your trailer and out. These multifunctional tools serve as a solid ramp for simplified trailer tire changes, as well as a handy guide for parking a vehicle inside your trailer - when stowed behind the wheel wells, they allow you to angle your vehicle in without scratching or damaging it. As an added damage-preventing assist, use the included 36-inch spotter flag to help you navigate the stressful business of parking your car inside the trailer.

Your Race Ramps Trailer Side Kicks are made of a unique material that is highly portable due to the fact that it is tremendously lightweight and yet outrageously sturdy. These ramps can withstand up to 8,000 pounds while only weighing 8 pounds each, making them convenient to move and store. The texturized surface of the Race Ramps material makes them highly skid-resistant, and they won't scrape or gouge your garage flooring. Best of all, unlike bulky metal ramps, the unique material will never corrode. Use these ramps on any surface, including grass, pavement, and sand.

To eliminate potential accidents when changing tires or raising your trailer, use Race Ramps Wheel Chocks in addition to your Side Kicks. Your Race Ramps Trailer Side Kicks can be ordered individually or in a set of two, and are crafted with pride in the United States.