Recon Big Rig LED Running Lights 26414

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  • Our Price: $239.95
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING
  • Part Number: 26414
  • Store SKU: AAGRJ26414
  • UPC: 182852000657
  • Size: 62 In. Long
  • Style: Amber
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  • Level up how well your truck is perceived using the Recon Big Rig LED Running Lights
  • The Amber lights come with or without a white courtesy light
  • Connected directly to the turn signal for lighting integration
  • Take your pick from 2 sizes, the 48-inch or 62-inch
  • Manufactured to imitate semi-truck running lights
  • Conveniently start-up when headlights switch on
  • Made 100% street-legal across all 50 states
  • Straightforward installation
  • Protected by a 90-Day Warranty

The last time you looked at your vehicle, you may have wondered how to add functional style and class with something unique to your ride, which you can do using the Recon Big Rig LED Running Lights. These state-of-the-art lights will have your setup looking like an 18-wheeler with a rugged and refined look unlike any other.

The luminous Amber colored LED light strips can be manufactured with or without an added, White courtesy light and are conveniently connected to your truck's power grid. The Recon LED Lights turn on when your turn signal switches on, enabling you to use it like any other road safety signal. Each unit comes manufactured to integrate into your vehicle completely through the wiring.

Take your pick from 2 sizes, the 48-inch or 62-inch, each constructed to imitate a semi-truck's running lights. The unit is street-legal across all 50 states, and the straightforward installation makes this addition an easy, stylish and long-lasting product choice. NAPA proudly sells the Recon Big Rig LED Running Lights protected with a 90-Day Warranty.