Recon Xenon Projector Reverse Lights

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Product Details

  • Recon Xenon Projector Reverse Lights enhance the visibility of your rig and give you more control
  • Ideal for use on cargo or boat trailers
  • Kits come with two wide beam 110-watt Xenon bulbs
  • Offers 250,000 candlepower, saltwater resistant, and waterproof
  • All required controllers and hardware are included
  • Replace the lamps with H3 12V Xenon standard bulbs
  • Straightforward installation
  • Backed by a 90-Day Warranty

When it comes to reversing oversized cargo or boat trailers safely, you can never have too much illumination. Recon Xenon Projector Reverse Lights ensure that your rearview visibility is as good as it possibly can be.

These sturdy lights attach to the back of any camper or trailer and add extra lighting so you can see where you're maneuvering your trailer. Recon Xenon Projector Reverse Lights use the same technology as their headlight counterparts to cast wide, intense beams of light behind your trailer. A whopping 250,000 candlepower will ensure you can see and be seen! Since they can be submerged in water, you can use these Reverse Lights on your boat trailer to ease your launching maneuvers. Everything needed to connect and wire these backup lights is included and they are sold in pairs for simplicity of installation.

Anyone who drives a trailer knows that reverse maneuvers are the most stressful. Now, your Recon Xenon Projector Reverse Lights can give you the brilliant illumination advantage to back up safely. A 90-day Warranty is included.