Road Armor iDentity Front Bumper

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Product Details

  • Showoff your unique sense of style with the customizable, made-to-order Road Armor iDentity Front Bumper
  • Due to personalization, it might take 12 weeks to receive your order, and a 20% fee will apply if any cancellation is not given within 48 hours
  • Pick between three accent options
  • Extra-wide or standard ends available
  • Order with or without shackle mounts
  • Manufactured in the U.S. 
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Over the years, you’ve loaded your prized pickup truck with plenty of aftermarket upgrades, either to replace damaged parts or to highlight your style. The Road Armor iDentity Front Bumper is another wonderful opportunity to specialize your road warrior. And, it's the preferred match to the iDentity Rear Bumper.

First, you must decide to go with either standard ends to hold two cube light pods or the extra-wide ends to hold three cube light pods. This Road Armor Bumper is produced with or without shackle mounts, the choice is yours. Plus, you get to select an accent pattern from choices like the sharp iDentity style, the hexagonal Hyve application or the Beauty Rings design.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this replacement bumper will bolt directly to your existing frame. Be aware, Road Armor cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Please more due to the customizable nature of this product, a 20% Cancellation Fee will apply to orders canceled after 48 hours. Manufactured in the U.S. with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.