Royal Purple Radiator Coolant

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  • Purple Ice Radiator Coolant from Royal Purple minimizes surface tension to keep your radiator cool
  • Keeps your radiator free from scale buildup
  • Maintains cooler radiator temperatures
  • Compatible with any system that uses glycol pressurized cooling
  • Be sure to add antifreeze to Purple Ice in the winter months
  • 12-count case of 16-ounce bottles

In all seasons, Royal Purple's Purple Ice Radiator Coolant keeps your car's radiator working smoothly. This Purple Ice Radiator Coolant has an exclusive formula mix that both lubricates your pump seals and prevents scale buildup in your radiator. It works to keep the temperature of your radiator cool by minimizing surface tension of your radiator fluid, which lowers the temperature and keeps your vehicle performing at its best, even in the coldest weather.

Any water/glycol pressurized cooling system is compatible with Royal Purple Purple Ice Radiator Fluid. Antifreeze should be added to your radiator coolant in the winter months to prevent freezing. Comes in 12-pack cases of 16-ounce bottles.