Rugged E-Series Folding Tonneau Cover

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Product Details

  • The top-notch Rugged E-Series Folding Tonneau Cover gives you versatile strength without busting your budget
  • This low-cost solution from Rugged doesn't cut corners on quality
  • Folds open in three sections so you can keep cover partially open or close it entirely
  • Comes to you fully assembled and ready to be installed
  • Clamp fasteners in the front and back make installation a breeze
  • Can go on and come off in as little as three minutes
  • When sections are open, buckled straps keep panels in place
  • Cargo is secured when tailgate is locked
  • Designed to fit your make and model
  • Built to last with durable vinyl material 
  • Sturdy, sleek construction improves gas mileage
  • Installation requires no drilling
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

While a tonneau cover can provide a slew of advantages, some pickup truck owners tend to shy away at the thought of buying one once they see the price tag. As a savvy shopper, you did your research and discovered that the Rugged E-Series Folding Tonneau Cover gives you the security, protection and strength you demand without costing your life savings. 

Your cover is hands-down one of the most user-friendly options available on the market today. Every Rugged E-Series Folding Tonneau Cover comes fully assembled and ready to install. But don't bother dragging out your toolbox or plugging in your drill, you won't need them. Your new tonneau cover attaches using two clamps in the front and two clamps in the back to secure the sturdy vinyl-wrapped panels to your truck bed. Once installed, you can lock your tailgate and have all the security you need. If you need to remove it entirely, it comes off and goes back on in under three minutes.

Because of the low-profile engineering, this truck bed cover also works to reduce drag, which improves the aerodynamics of your truck and therefore enhances your truck's gas efficiency, saving you even more cash. Your Rugged E-Series Folding Tonneau Cover cover delivers all of the protection and security you'd expect from a high-quality tonneau without the wallet-melting price tag. Your solid investment is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.