ShurTrax Compact Pickup Traction Weight SHU20048

  • Our Price: $174.99
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING
  • Part Number: SHU20048
  • Style: with Field Repair Kit

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  • Get the handling you need in the worst weather, without stacking precarious wood or cement blocks in your truck bed, with the ShurTrax Traction Weight
  • Robust vinyl fabrication is reinforced with woven nylon mesh, which can support cargo stacked on top
  • Choose either the Mid-Size (40 gallons/300 pounds) or Full-Size (50 gallons for 400 pounds) option to steady your weight when turning or stopping
  • Fill one bag or multiple bags using your garden hose; quickly drain and roll up for storage
  • Withstands temps as low as -40 degrees
  • Comes with a 3-Year Warranty

Even if the rest of your truck bed sits empty, make sure to add a filled ShurTrax Traction Weight to your load in the wintertime. Prevent shifting weight and diminished handling, even in the slickest conditions.

Pump in up to 50 gallons of water into your new Traction Weight using a garden hose. No matter if you select the Full-Size or Mid-Size option, your reinforced vinyl ShurTrax bag will stand up to harsh UV rays and temps as low as -40 degrees.

You can still load and carry supplies on top of your ShurTrax Weight. Add the Field Kit to your NAPA order to repair punctures and utilize tie-down straps. NAPA is proud to offer the ShurTrax Traction Weight with a 3-Year Warranty, which does not cover bladder puncture.