SportRack Horizon Cargo Box

5993 Univ.
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Product Details

  • The SportRack Horizon Cargo Box gives you the freedom to haul extra cargo securely and simply
  • Works with almost any roof rack system without difficulty
  • Keep out damaging rain, snow and other elements with the weather-proof seals
  • Securely locks for confident storage while parked
  • Resilient ABS plastic structure withstands impact and UV exposure
  • Rated for up to 100 pound weight capacity

Life's biggest adventures will usually call for bringing more stuff than your vehicle can accommodate. Your trunk or cargo compartment is stuffed to the gills, and even your seat back map flaps are overflowing. Sure, you've got the roof rack, but not only will it be difficult to place something up there safely, but you'll be worried about theft and the bungee cord security during your entire drive. The SportRack Horizon Cargo Box is a simple and elegant answer to all of these issues.

The SportRack Horizon Cargo Box attaches to practically any roof rack and has a cargo capacity of 11 cubic feet, which is enough for six pairs of skis, three snowboards, or some custom combination. A weather-resistant seal keeps harmful elements like rain and snow from damaging your cargo, while a covered vinyl opening stops moisture from collecting and causing rot and odors. The rigid ABS plastic construction resists dents and cracks from impacts and damage from UV exposure.

With a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds, this system's slender, low-profile design is aerodynamic, allowing it to cut through air with minimal wind noise while saving your MPGs. Thanks to SportRack's unique Easy-Snap hardware, attachment and removal are fast and hassle-free. The included locks allow you to secure the cargo box itself as well as secure it to your vehicle.