Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller

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Product Details

  • Harness the true potential of your engine with the Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller
  • Features 20 different tuning settings
  • Select from 4 modes:
    • Automatic Control Mode: uses pedal pressure to innately adjust setting
    • Ultimate Mode: ideal for high-speed or cargo-hauling travels
    • Eco Mode: designed for rocky trails and slow-speed hauling
    • Factory Mode: reverts to OEM settings
  • Supported by a Lifetime Warranty

Aren't you curious about the true power hidden behind your engine? With the Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller, you can unlock the beast within and get serious horsepower gains for all terrain and towing travels.

With 4 modes for different driving styles and 20 tuning settings, your throttle controller helps you harness the exact type of power you need for your ride. Need something to get that added boost for a large payload? Switch it to Ultimate Mode. Looking for some power to keep you going on those slower, rockier trails? Try the Eco Mode. And of course, there's a Factory Mode for a full reset, and an Automatic Control Mode that does the work for you.

Tap into your engine's true potential by calling the shots with the Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller. Supported by a Lifetime Warranty.

Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

5.0 of 5

Average Install Time:

Under 30 minutes
who drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Instant throttle response... love it!

Install Time: Under 30 minutes