UWS Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box EC10061

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  • Part Number: EC10061
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  • Spanning Length: For Full Size Trucks - 69 7/8 In.
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  • The UWS Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box keeps your tools safe from theft, weather, and disorganization
  • Comes with two tool trays, screwdriver slots, and a sliding tray with triple storage zones
  • Single-piece aluminum tub withstands heavy weight and resists leaking
  • Features strong and secure rust-resistant Stainless Steel lock handles
  • Warping and bending are avoided thanks to the patented fully-foamed cover
  • With just a tap, self-closing struts close the lid
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included

Few things are more convenient than having a truck bed toolbox installed in  the rear of your pickup. A must-have for all contractors, carpenters, and other professionals who need to ensure all of their tools are organized safely and securely in a sturdy steel toolbox. Instead of dumping all of your gear into a heap in your toolbox, use the UWS Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box to keep everything neat, secure and accessible.

Your UWS Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box features a tub that is constructed using a single, sturdy piece of industrial Aluminum. It's engineered to withstand heavy weights, absorb impacts from heavy tools and resist leaking. Each lid opens up to a full 90 degrees for easy, unobstructed access, and a unique foamed cover produces a solid and inflexible barrier to prevent bending or warping. Furthermore, the self-closing gas struts allow your truck bed toolbox to softly close itself with only a light tap, which is ideal when your hands are full.

Two built-in tool trays with screwdriver slots and a three-compartment sliding tray are included in this truck toolbox. The structure is designed for strength while also making it easier to organize and access your equipment. The double lid construction lets you to reach gear from either side of your truck, and the MicroSeal stripping along the rim creates a complete seal to protect your equipment from dirt, debris, and moisture. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included.