WeatherTech Billet BumpStepXL Bumper Protector 8ABBSXL2K

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  • Part Number: 8ABBSXL2K
  • UPC: 787765232470
  • Style: Extra Large - with Allen Key
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  • Get functional rear bumper defense with the WeatherTech Billet BumpStep Bumper Protector
  • Hassle-free installation with included hardware
  • Made with toughened, solid billet aluminum
  • Lessens rear fender-bender damage
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Adding a protective step to your bumper is handier than you think. Need to reach some rooftop cargo or climb into your truck bed? In a fender bender? With the WeatherTech Billet BumpStep Bumper Protector, you get an accessory that enhances both functionality and protection! 

Made from toughened, solid billet aluminum, this bumper protector offers pure strength and style. It's engineered using CNC machinery for a lightweight feel and perfect fitment. In the event of a low-impact collision, this bumper protector will ward off most damage with no problem. It works with your 2-inch receiver hitch, and comes with all the stainless steel hardware needed for a quick and easy installation.

Double up on your rear protection with some added functionality when you install the WeatherTech Billet BumpStep Bumper Protection. Manufactured in the U.S. and supported by a Lifetime Warranty.