WeatherTech Pet Safety Harness 84PH1318BK

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  • Part Number: 84PH1318BK
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  • Size: Chest 13-18 in.
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  • With the help of the WeatherTech Pet Safety Harness, you can keep your dog safe while traveling and comfortably secure for your peace of mind
  • There are seven different size choices available to ensure a perfect fit for you
  • Designed to work in combination with the seat belts in your vehicle
  • Constructed using a patented design
  • Installation is both fast and simple
  • Proudly produced in the United States of America
  • Supported with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Using the WeatherTech Pet Safety Harness ensures that you have the peace of mind your need to travel with your furry companion. This system will ensure that your pet remains safe and secure throughout the duration of the trip. During travel in the vehicle, your cherished pet will travel in comfort thanks to the construction of this harness, which features durable materials.

The innovative construction of the Pet Safety Harness moves any strain or pressure that is created by the movement of the vehicle away from your pet's neck and onto their chest for an even distribution of force. The seat belt buckles may be firmly fastened together by passing the belt through one of the slots in the short tether included with the harness. The harness also contains a short tether that has two openings. With the assistance of a carabiner that locks, this harness may also be utilized in the storage compartment of your vehicle.

This harness is made to suit animals of various shapes and sizes, and it comes in seven different configurations so that it may be adapted to the needs of each and every four-legged companion. All SAE regulations for human seat belts have been met or exceeded by this unique harness designed specifically for them. NAPA is all too happy to sell the WeatherTech Pet Safety Harness, manufactured in the United States of America and comes protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.