Westin Public Safety Division Push Bumper EliteXD

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Product Details

  • Create the robust barrier your emergency response fleet needs with the Westin Public Safety Division Push Bumper EliteXD
  • Strap the large 4-5/8” center cross plate to the front end of your SUV or pickup
  • Gain ultimate stability and security from the hardy four-gauge HRPO steel uprights
  • Absorb pushback from collisions thanks to 2-3/4” rubber channels
  • Mount lights, sirens and speakers utilizing incorporated holes in detachable center grille plate
  • Comes with a 3-Year Warranty

Your law enforcement unit faces unique obstacles, so your equipment should reflect those specific safety and security needs. The customizable Westin Public Safety Division Push Bumper EliteXD gives your department prime adaptability. This durable push bumper is your best defense against constantly changing situations.

Take advantage of the giant 4-5/8” center cross-plate that includes handy holes to attach aftermarket sirens and auxiliary lights across the expansive front end. This feature can also incorporate side-mounted LED lights and Elite Wing Wraps. Don’t need extras weighing down your momentum, simply detach the optional punch plate grille.

The Westin Push Bumper EliteXD is fabricated from tough four-gauge HRPO steel uprights, buffeted by 2-3/4” rubber channels, designed to disperse any force from collision. NAPA is proud to offer this Westin Public Safety Division product with a 3-Year Warranty.