Window Canvas Patriotic Window Graphic

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Product Details

  • With a Window Canvas Patriotic Window Graphic, you can display your American pride right on your cab window
  • Uses the newest in digital printing technology
  • Designed to withstand hand washing and most automatic car washes
  • Compatible with rear window defrosters
  • Adhesive formulated to last for years, though fast and easy removal is also possible
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Choose from a wide range of designs and graphics to show your pride
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Please note: once affixed, do not use ice scrapers, abrasives, or solvent-based cleaners

Display your American pride with the Window Canvas Patriotic Window Graphic. This graphic features a patriotic image that shows your fellow drivers how much you care about your nation.

Window Canvas window graphics are the go-to, quality choice of professional vehicle detailers. That's because they use the latest in digital printing technology to let you proudly display your love of America without obstructing your ability to see out of your back window. These back window graphics will not be destroyed by your rear defroster and can be hand washed or sent through most automatic car washes.

Window Canvas Patriotic Window Graphics have a permanent adhesive that will remain for years, but they can be readily and cleanly removed at any time if necessary. Find the window graphic that's suitable for your car and personality. They come in a series of sizes from small, medium, and large. With a Window Canvas Patriotic Window Graphic, you can show everyone your true colors won't run. A Lifetime Warranty is included.