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Since 1957, B'laster has manufactured penetrants, lubricants, cleaners & solvents, rust removers, greases, & protectants born from professional applications where only the strongest survive. We come from a place that demands the toughest solutions and we believe you should too. PB Blaster is formulated to penetrate corrosion, lubricate pipe threads, loosen frozen bolts, overcome corrosion, fix, and conquer each job. We can promise that by the time a PB B’laster product ends up in your hands, it’s only because the pros have told us it’s the best product.

ProStraw™ with Control Flow Technology™

Introducing the B’laster ProStraw™ with Control Flow Technology™. The innovative, patented design includes a dual-spray pattern and volume adjuster that allows you to control the flow of product for each specific application. No gimmicks, no fluff – just less mess and a more precise spray to attack rust.

Multi-Max Premium Synthetic Lubricant

B’laster Multi-Max Lubricant is a premium, synthetic multi-use lubricant that outperforms the leading competitor in six ASTM tests. Its odorless formula provides the longest-lasting lubrication and protection against corrosion, which reduces friction and wear. Use it on thousands of applications from door hinges and window tracks to lawn and garden equipment and chains and locks.

PB Blaster is Safe on Everything Except Rust

B’laster Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath and Gel are clean, safe and easy solutions for effectively removing rust. Unlike other rust removers B’laster Metal Rescue™ products are non-toxic and contain no harmful or corrosive acids, alkalis or solvents.

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