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A New Generation Of Battery For Modern Power Demands

ODYSSEY® batteries are designed to handle a range of applications and performance demands. Wherever the daily grind takes you, an ODYSSEY battery has the power and endurance to get you through. ODYSSEY AGM2 Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries feature pure lead plates that are extremely thin, so more of them fit into the battery. More plates mean more power – ODYSSEY AGM2 TPPL batteries deliver twice the power and three times the service life of any other conventional battery, outperforming standard AGM or SLI (flooded) batteries in terms of power density, fast-charge acceptance, shelf life, durability and most important – value for your money.

Automotive/Light Truck

Today’s vehicles are packed with a wide variety of power-hungry electronics and accessories. With ODYSSEY batteries, you won’t have to worry about having enough power when you take that next road trip. With reliable starting power and three-times the life of conventional batteries, you can rest easy with an ODYSSEY battery.

Heavy Duty Truck

Heavy duty commercial trucks rely on superior starting power and dependable auxiliary power for critical accessories and hotel loads. Frequent deep discharges shorten the life of conventional Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries, which can result in costly battery replacements as well as the potential for increased downtime and costs for jump starts. Thanks to the unique Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology design and massive deep cycling capability of ODYSSEY batteries, you will have reliable reserve power to run on-board accessories with the engine off – without shortening battery life.


If you’re looking for the right battery fitment for your motorcycle, ATV, UTV or personal watercraft application, the ODYSSEY battery product range has you covered. The absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are built to take a pounding, featuring a military-inspired design with extreme vibration resistance and the extra power your application demands. Get out there and stay out there with an ODYSSEY battery.


Whether your next adventure is on land or water, make sure you have reliable power on board. ODYSSEY Marine Dual Purpose batteries – available for marine and RV applications – deliver robust starting power when needed, yet also withstands deep and frequent Depths of Discharge (DOD) without significant power loss.

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