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Proprietary blend of 10x more scale fighting inhibitors for superior lifetime protection for All Makes and Models.

Yellow Antifreeze

PEAK 10X Antifreeze & Coolant 50/50

Red Antifreeze

PEAK 10X Antifreeze & Coolant Full Strength

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Guaranteed Lifetime Protection

Provides more than 2X the warranty coverage for 10+ years/300,000+ miles of service when a complete cooling system flush and fill is performed and proper cooling system maintenance is followed.

10X More Scale Inhibitors

PEAK 10X advanced universal formula contains a proprietary blend of 10X the scale-fighting inhibitors coupled with robust organic additives to fight against the damaging effects of scale deposits and corrosion.

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Protects Cooling System Parts.

Specially formulated to deliver Superior Lifetime Protection†* against damaging scale and corrosion, helping you avoid costly repairs to critical cooling system parts.

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