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1960 Lloyd LK600
Fuel and Emission Systems Parts

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The engine in your 1960 Lloyd LK600 requires three basic things to run: fuel, air, and fire. Whether gas is delivered via carburetor, throttle body, or fuel injector the proper fuel mixture is critical to a smooth running engine. From idle to wide open throttle, modern engines are able to deliver consistent performance while keeping emissions under control. But if your vehicle is down on power, experiencing bad fuel mileage, or has a "check engine light" it might be time for fuel system maintenance. An emissions related check engine light could be caused by a loose gas cap at the gas tank, or a leaking evaporative system charcoal canister under the hood. Likewise, something as simple as a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator or throttle position sensor can cause fuel system havoc. Your local NAPA Auto Parts has all the Echlin fuel and emissions parts you need.

While throttle body fuel injection, multipoint fuel injection, and direct injection are the most common fuel delivery methods on the road today, there are still plenty of carburetors around. A carburetor rebuild kit is a great way to get all the little parts (like a new float, bowl gasket or O-ring pack) you need in one package. And if that 2 barrel carburetor or 4 barrel carburetor doesn't suit your engine needs anymore, an upgrade is just a few bolts, a fuel line, and a throttle valve cable away (and maybe a cruise control cable if equipped). Diesel engines often use a turbo (turbocharger) and intercooler to boost engine power output, but a worn diesel fuel injector pump could mean a rough running engine or lack of power. Visit your local NAPA Auto Parts for all your 1960 Lloyd LK600 fuel and emissions needs including diesel, heavy duty truck, and agricultural.
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