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As technology advances, the efficiency of the spark plug has increased, resulting in higher combustion efficiencies. The design evolution has reduced the quenching effect on the flame kernel. The quenching effect is the heat absorption by the spark plug ground electrode and center electrode, which hinders the flame kernel efficiency.

GDI systems are designed to direct the fuel spray at the spark plug in order to allow the most complete combustion of the fuel while maximizing the efficiency of the injection. Spark plugs used in GDI engines must provide high quality sparking performance to ignite the more-focused fuel delivery and not become fuel-washed by the high pressure fuel spray.

Dual Fine Wire spark plugs
  • Dual Fine Wire

  • Dual Fine Wire (DFE) spark plugs feature two fine wire electrodes, one at the center electrode and other one at the ground electrode. The focused sparking area between the two fine points and reduced quenching effect allows for a faster, more complete combustion of the air-fuel mix.
Projected Square Platinum Electrode spark plugs
  • Projected Square Platinum Electrode

  • Projected Square Platinum Electrode (PSPE) spark plugs are also finding popularity from engine manufacturers looking to improve ignition performance in GDI engines. PSPE spark plugs feature a special ground electrode shape where a square-shaped tip of platinum is used directly over top of the center electrode. The non-precious metal part of the ground electrode ends before the center electrode.
Dual Fine Wire spark plugs
  • Ruthenium HX

  • Ruthenium HX is the next level of spark plug metal type above Platinum & Iridium. When used in spark plugs, it delivers greater durability than traditional Iridium & Platinum plug designs.Ruthenium is the key to increased durability providing the best service life for turbo or direct injection engines.Ruthenium HX addresses the advanced technology of today’s modern engines by offering an Aftermarket replacement to the OE special-tip plug designs.