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How often are you checking your brake system?

Does your car squeal or come to a grinding halt at red lights? It may be time for a brake service. The bad news is that these parts aren't typically included in a car's warranty, as they are considered preventative maintenance/wear and tear items that need to be regularly replaced.

The good news is that NAPA AUTO PARTS carries a wide selection of brakes and brake parts online for you to reserve and pick-up in store.

Find a local store near you if you are comfortable doing the work yourself and speak with one of our qualified associates. They will be able to offer the best brake inspection and replacement parts in the area.

Making sure you and your passengers are safe is our main priority.

When you're faced with hazards on the road, you need to make sure you're equipped with stopping power. Save on great prices on premium quality brake pads, brake rotors, drum brakes, calipers, wheel bearings, brake fluid, brake master cylinders, and more.

If you're shopping for brake parts for your Ford F-150, Honda Civic, electric vehicle, or any other car or motorcycle, NAPA AUTO PARTS has you covered.

What Are The Different Types Of Brakes?

When looking for the correct brake components, it's essential to know how vehicle braking systems work and their different components.

At its core, a brake system is a device that converts energy to something else using one of three systems. Almost all automobiles use friction brakes, but others machines use pumping brakes or electromagnetic brakes to stop motion.

What Are Friction Brakes?

This is a catch-all term for brakes that use friction to slow a vehicle or wheel. They can often be divided into two types of frictional brakes: shoe brakes and pad brakes, which use a component that presses against a brake rotor or brake disc. Hydrodynamic brakes are used by certain bus manufacturers and are technically frictional but are incredibly rare.

Drum Brake

This is a vehicle brake that pushes a set of brake shoes against the interior of a rotating brake drum with the help of a wheel cylinder. The drum is connected to the tire's hub for stability. As they compress, the energy is converted into heat.

These are more common on older cars and trucks but can occasionally be found on budget models of newer cars. Some brakes (called a band brake) press around the drum to scrub speed; these are sometimes seen as a secondary braking system in older car models.

Within drum brakes, brake shoes are often made of special compounds designed to handle immense forces during every braking situation. Over time that protective lining wears away and needs to be replaced.

Putting off replacing pads and shoes can mean decreased braking ability, as well as severe damage to rotors and drums. Your local NAPA AUTO PARTS location has the right brake pads and brake shoes to keep you safe on the roads.

Disc Brakes

This brake configuration takes a device called a brake caliper located on the outside of a brake rotor which is attached to the wheel hub. Like a drum brake, the driver activates the brake pedal to squeeze the brake pads against the rotor, which scrubs speed by converting the energy into heat.