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Cut Through The Fog, Block Out The Sun

If you've ever tried to drive through a foggy night with your regular headlights, you know what a difference having fog lights can make. While many vehicles come with factory fog lights, many drivers opt to install aftermarket lights to improve visibility during nighttime and foggy weather driving. High beam headlights cause glare in foggy weather, so avoid using them in those conditions. Fog lights are specially designed to cut under the haze to reduce reflective glare.

If you're planning to install an aftermarket set of fog lights, check out NAPA AUTO PARTS' wide range of headlights from well-known brands like Spyder. Before you begin installing them, be sure you get the Know How you need for correct installation. We also offer cosmetic light hole cover options if you decide to remove your factory fog lights altogether.

Nothing says 'sleek driving machine' like pinstripe graphics and properly tinted windows. Instead of paying a steep price for professional installation, check out NAPA AUTO PARTS' do-it-yourself options. If you're ready to tint your windows, first get a little NAPA Know How on the optimal level of tinting shade that compliments your ride perfectly. If you want to replace or simply remove tinting that has deteriorated over time, NAPA AUTO PARTS sells window tint removing solvent.

Spare A Moment For Your Tires

Getting stranded with a flat tire can be a nightmare, but if you've got an inflated spare tire covered and safely stored on your vehicle, you can rest easy. Tire carriers usually come in two different types, a spare tire hoist assembly and a rear-mounted model common on Jeep Wranglers. The rear-mounted bracket holds the tire safely on the back of the car. The hoist mechanism works with a crank bar that lowers the tire below its stowed position, usually under the bumper of your car.

Many modern vehicles monitor the tire pressure on all four tires and even the spare tire, so if your TPMS light (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is illuminated and your four tires are at the right pressure, check your spare. If you drive an older car, be sure to check the air pressure of your spare regularly. After replacing your flat tire with the spare find a NAPA AutoCare Center near you to purchase a new tire, pair of tires or full set. Spare tires have an extremely limited life, and driving with any balance issues can quickly wear down tires that are in good condition.

Stow And Go!

When adventure awaits, but you're running low on storage space in your vehicle, installing a roof rack is a great alternative option for stowing large cargo in the cabin. Since the roof rack installs on the top of your car, you need a strong option that isn't too heavy. Aluminum is lighter weight and sturdy, making installation easier and faster. Since plastic components tend to break, check for options that use more metal parts. If you're looking to stow big toys like bikes, surfboards or kayaks, you'll need a rack that can accommodate these. Be sure to consider the location you'll be traveling in. If you'll be near a lot of trees or going throw low tunnels, be sure to opt for a lower profile rack.

If adventure isn't on your to-do list any time soon, be sure to remove any non-factory racks or crossbars when not in use. Because roof racks can disturb the aerodynamics of your vehicle, they can eat into your fuel economy over time. Be mindful of safety when lifting and lowering your storage rack, as it can damage paint, or cause injury if dropped. Shop NAPA AUTO PARTS for the best-selling roof rack brands like Smittybilt, and get your next excursion started right!

NAPA Knows Your Truck

If you're like most other pickup truck owners, you bought your truck because you need a great vehicle for work and play. The bed of your truck should be able to handle all the fun you can throw at it, and still be ready for work on Monday. Be sure you're familiar with your truck's bed and cab size, either using your factory manual or online research. NAPA AUTO PARTS can help you find the right aftermarket accessories to customize your weekend toy/hardworking truck. Select from fender flare options to keep the mud on your tires instead of on your windshield. If your truck is equipped with a CB radio, you may want to consider a new or upgraded antenna.

Did you know that most pickup trucks have notches and grooves in the sidewalls that can be used as a two-tiered storage system? Get an idea of what cargo you'll be carrying, and what will be required to haul it safely and securely, then shop NAPA AUTO PARTS' huge catalog of truck bed organizers, truck bed liners and truck bed extenders. Check out a variety of storage solutions and cab rack tie-downs to secure your load.