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Fasteners and Hardware

Part Types

Hold It Right There

We offer more than just auto parts at NAPA AUTO PARTS. Online and in stores, we carry components for heavy farming equipment and large earth-moving machinery to routine lawn care parts for mowers, trimmers, chain saws and snow blowers. In fact, there are no small parts, including a nut and washer kit, push nut retainer, bolt retainer, eye bolt, rivet retainer and rivet kit.

In this category of farm and fleet hardware, including caster roller wheels, rubber feet, staples, threaded rods, key stock, weldable and non-weldable bar stocks, metal sheeting, hasp locks, quick disconnect pin (kill switch), dust plug and cap kit, fixed eye pulley and swivel eye pulley, the average cost is under $5 or $10 per part, with some items being as little as 79 cents each. Still, it is very important to pay attention to quality! A cheap product will save a few pennies today, but might need to be replaced too quickly.

Make The Right Connections

Any aspiring farm and fleet at-home shop should be well stocked in essential fasteners. Clips, pins, hooks and chains connect together or hold down independent accessories and materials. Some are simple connectors with a single bent piece of metal, often used to hold something up, like a porch swing or planter, while allowing for easy detachment. A pin is a type of fastening hardware designed to couple, align, or assemble two separate pieces. Specific connectors include presto pins or cotter pins (also called a hair pin), wire rope thimbles, swing hooks, screw hooks and turnbuckles.

If you're planning on carrying or hauling a big load of tools, farm supplies or even firewood, your online shopping cart should contain:

      • Straps
      • Tie downs
      • Ratchets
      • Buckles
      • Cargo hold-down strap covers
      • Wire rope and cable sleeves
      • Carabiners
      • Flat strap hooks
      • S hooks
      • Snap hooks
      • Hook and loop fasteners
      • Chain links
      • Connecting links
      • Shackles

Time To Get Hitched

Many standard vehicles, like the Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Ram 2500, are perfect for hauling and towing. There are a wide range of attachment options of various styles, sizes and materials. Fastener pins are often made of long-lasting stainless steel or zinc, perfect for outdoor elements. Alloy steel fasteners consist of a strong, heat-treated steel alloy that are very strong. Mismatched metals can cause corrosion issues, so join your fasteners carefully.

Hitch pins (also called tow hitch or trailer hitch lock) are used to temporarily join independent components, such as a vehicle and trailer, often with a locking mechanism. Otherwise, they are used with a cotter pin or integral safety pin. A clevis fastener is a two-piece system-a u-shaped piece with a hole at each end and a clevis pin (like an unthreaded bolt) that slides into the holes. The spring pin, a type of one-piece fastener, expands into the diameter of the insertion hole. Shear pins, which function similarly to presto pins or cotter pins, are designed to break if the fastened members move, creating unsafe stress.

Size up the load you are about to carry to determine which pieces to add to your NAPA AUTO PARTS cart:

      • Hitching ring and plate
      • Anchor point
      • Chain bracket kit
      • Chain latch kit
      • Chain anchor swivel
      • Coupler link pin and collar kit
      • Top link and top link pin
      • Clevis Yoke
      • Clevis hook
      • Swivel hook
      • Hose hanging clamp
      • Cable clamp

Little items for big jobs, like hardware and fasteners, can add up at check-out. Make sure to catch up on monthly deals and search for rebates before finalizing your order.