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Lawn Mower Parts

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Parts for Lawn Mowers

Lawn equipment is becoming more and more advanced. Last century's push mower is today's power-driven mower or self-propelled mower. Your father's pull-start mower now comes with an electric starter. The latest trend is electric lawn mowers, which are a lot quieter, light weight for improved maneuvering, easily collapsible, instantly ready for long-term storage and emission free!

However, each rechargeable lawn mower battery lasts only approximately 45 minutes per charge, and an electric lawn mower battery's overall lifespan tops out in the five-year range. Still, the tried and trusted gas power lawn mower relies on large components like the carburetor, which need regular cleaning. Combining that with spark plugs and other routinely replaced parts means owners need to stay on top of maintenance and repairs.

But don't worry, NAPAOnline offers almost any lawn mower part a homeowner needs. This includes parts for a riding lawn mower or lawn tractor from NAPA Gold Oil Filters to upgraded deluxe seats. When it comes to riding mower parts, NAPA even carries a nice selection of lawn mower tires for when a puncture is repairable or the worn tread has you sliding at every turn.

For a typical lawn mower, you need to change the motor oil every 20 to 50 operational hours. For a small yard, mowed weekly, that averages out to approximately once per season. If your yard is large or you mow multiple times per week, you might need to change it twice in a year. So, plan accordingly and don't wait for the smoke signals!

SAE-30 motor oil works well in most small engines, but a synthetic SAE 5W-30 provides protection to your engine throughout a wider range of temperatures with less consumption. Go with SAE 15W-50 for continuous use in commercial mowers or in extremely high temperatures.

Whether it is gas or electric, you shouldn't overlook a good lawn mower battery when considering your future needs for lawn mower replacement parts. For a gas mower, a typical battery should last three to four years, even if it sits in the shed for half a year in the colder months. When you take your mower out of storage, get a voltage reading to see if it has become weak or even died. A fully charged 12V battery should read at least 12.6 volts, while a moderately discharged battery might only read 10.5 volts. Even with a charge, damage might already be irreversible if the voltage is less than 7.5 volts.

NAPA Lawn & Garden batteries offer maintenance-free features to ensure superior performance. These tough, outdoor batteries are ready for use in light-duty garden tractors and other small engine applications. Most are engineered to deliver reliable cranking power, especially with the advanced, protective, deep-pocket envelope separators. This leak-proof line of lawn tractor batteries is proudly manufactured in the United States with a 3-Month Free Replacement Warranty.

Keep Your Mower in Shape & Your Yard Trimmed

If you are shopping for replacement parts for a lawn mower, you've come to the right place. offers aftermarket parts for all types of power equipment, including small engine parts for lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed trimmers and more from brands like Craftsman that you trust. We are also your go-to shop for axle mounts, air intake systems and ignition coils if you drive an attention-grabbing Troy-Bilt mower, Honda mower or Toro mower.

A standard mower spark plug is designed to last approximately 50 hours of grass cutting. Our experts recommend a superior replacement, such as the Copper Non-Resistor Spark Plug by Autolite. Your local NAPA Auto Parts store also carries a large selection of lubricants and chemicals that you need for proper lawn mower maintenance, including the Throttle Plate & Carb Cleaner by 3M.

After making your selection from our extensive line of replacement lawn mower parts and supplies, but before starting any maintenance or repair work, make sure you pull the spark plug to prevent your mower from starting up accidentally. It's also a good idea to drain the gas to prevent a leak from igniting.

Do not try to straighten a bent mower blade! A full replacement is any easy DIY project for any homeowner. The key is to make sure the new blade is the size specified in your owner's manual. NAPAOnline offers a wide array of lawn mower blades, including edger blades and trimmer blades, as well as small components like mower blade jackshafts or mower blade adapters.

NAPAOnline also now offers One-Day Shipping for more than 160,000 products, as well as Curbside Pickup and Delivery On Demand. Choose what works best for you and get back out in that fresh air in no time.