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Shop Fuel System Cleaners & Additives from NAPA

Part Types

If your vehicle has high mileage, its fuel system may start accumulating sludge, varnish, carbon buildup, and other deposits that can adversely affect its power and performance. These can cause oil clogs, restrict oil flow, reduce fuel economy and horsepower, and even damage your engine. It may be time to look into an engine cleaner.

Complete fuel system cleaners can clean out the dirt and debris that builds up over time throughout your fuel injection system and engine.

There are two primary types of automotive fuel additives: fuel performance enhancers and fuel stabilizers. Fuel stabilizers, as the name suggests are designed to keep fuel in a functional condition when being stored for a long period of time without use.

There are many types of fuel additives- fuel system cleaners, fuel injector cleaners and gas mileage additives. Fuel system cleaners can help in scrubbing carbon deposits or carbon built-up in spark plugs and fight fuel system corrosion. Fuel injector cleaning can help scrub away carbon that is built up on fuel injectors which can negatively impact gas mileage. Fuel system cleaners can also help clean combustion chambers and cut down on emissions by cleaning the entire fuel tank, intake values, and carburetors.

Fuel system cleaners typically contain polyetheramine, or PEA. PEA is the strongest cleaning agent and is considered as an effective agent that cleans and protects more parts. Brands such as Gumout and Chevron Techron produce additives which are quite popular.

NAPA also carries additives such as power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, parts washer fluid, brake system additives, cooling system additives, cooling system flushes, engine block sealers, fuel and oil additive kits, fuel injection and air intake cleaners, motor oil additives, gear oil additives, and transmission additives.